Yes! Tracy III Plus and Lizzy Plus Putters

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It was really just a matter of time before the customization wave splashed into the world of putters. Yes! Golf has introduced two putters with interchangeable screw-in hosels.

The Yes! Tracy III Plus and Yes! Lizzy Plus take putter customization to a whole new level. Both putters come stock with a plumber neck hosel with additional hosel bends sold separately. Golfers will be able to choose the style of head they want (the Tracy III Plus is a blade and the Lizzy Plus is a mallet) and then match it to the style of hosel they want. There will be four hosel variations available when the putters are released on March 15th. Each putter will come with a torque wrench that will allow the golfer to loosen the shaft from the head.

Be sure to check out our video player on the front page. Our friend Andy Brown from have a cool video of the Old Course in the snow. Kind of looks like my backyard… minus the whole golf course thing… 

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