2009 Callaway Golf Lineup

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We'll have a quick look at the 2009 Callaway Golf lineup tonight. We've talked about parts of the line over the past few weeks but I thought we'd use tonight to wrap it all up.

ImageCallaway released a complete list of their 2009 products the other day so it's probably easiest just to refer to that. We've added a short Diablo video on the frontpage as well…


FT-iQ Driver – The longest, straightest driver Callaway Golf has ever created.  Multi-material Fusion Technology allows weight to be strategically positioned at the extreme corners, raising Moment of Inertia (MOI) and positioning Center of Gravity (CG) in the optimal location.  Hyperbolic Face cup enhances ball speeds across the face and a sleek shape reduces shot curvature.  Visually distinctive pearl white, ultra-premium Fubuki™ shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon is featured in all stock models.  I-MIX compatible.  New product introduction retail price:  $499. 

FT-9 Driver – Next generation Fusion Technology maximizes performance to promote increased distance, increased accuracy and increased shot-shaping control – results unachievable in a single-material driver design.  OptiFit Weighting System provides draw and neutral CG positions, allowing players to work the ball in both directions.  Complete Inertial Design optimizes MOI, CG, CG bias, face design, loft and lie to enhance overall performance.  I-MIX compatible.  New product introduction retail price:  $399. 

Big Bertha Diablo Driver – Innovative Four-Piece Formed Construction employs Fusion-like methods to an all-titanium driver to achieve optimal CG locations and higher MOI.  Edge Technology assists in closing the clubface at impact for maximum release of power.  Unique draw and neutral head shapes utilize geometry to improve shot-shaping control.  Hyperbolic Face cup enhances ball speeds across the face.  New product introduction retail price:  $299.


Big Bertha Diablo Fairway Woods – Edge Technology moves weight to the “edge” of the club, providing high MOI for stability and increased distance.  Unique draw and neutral head shapes provide options for all types of players to improve shot-shaping control.  Variable Face Thickness Technology increases face efficiency for solid shots hit across the entire face.  New product introduction retail price (steel/graphite):  $179/$199. 


Big Bertha Diablo Hybrids – Dual Runner Sole provides superior turf interaction from all types of conditions by reducing the surface area that comes into contact with the ground.  Low and deep CG position promotes dynamic ball flight from fairway, rough or tee.  Callaway’s proprietary S2H2 Technology moves weight from the hosel and repositions it to more advantageous areas of the clubhead.  New product introduction retail price (steel/graphite):  $139/$159. 


X-22 Irons – Precision Notch Weighting allocates discretionary weight around the clubhead to increase MOI and resist twisting on off-center hits.  Proprietary 360º Undercut Technology optimizes CG location to promote a consistent ball flight progression and great feel throughout the set.  S2H2 with Modified Tru-Bore redistributes weight from the hosel area to improve mass properties.  Polycarbonate tip plug dampens vibrations for enhanced feel.  New product introduction retail price (steel/graphite):  $699/$899. 

X-22 Tour Irons – Tour-proven head shape features the thinnest topline possible while still incorporating 360º Undercut Technology.  Sleek new design features Sole Width Progression to provide improved turf interaction through the entire set. Precision Notch Weighting positions weight to the perimeter of the iron to raise MOI.  New product introduction retail price:  $799 (steel). 


X-Forged Wedges – Forged 1020 carbon steel provides exceptional touch and feel around the greens.  Aggressively sized “Mack Daddy Grooves” provide tour-level spin, trajectory and distance control.  C-Grind, a popular grind on tour, relieves the heel, toe and trailing edge.  This enables the player to lay open the face and still keep the leading edge down.  Twelve loft/bounce angle combinations provide best options for individual swing and turf conditions.  Available in two finishes:  White Chrome or New Vintage.  New product introduction retail price (vintage/chrome):  $119/$109.


Black Series i 2-Ball – Legendary 2-Ball alignment combined with a precision milled head creates optimal balanced weighting to promote a great feeling stroke and amazing accuracy with a rich, nickel-plated finish that reduces glare.  1025 carbon steel body and a weighted tungsten flange create a low, deep CG to promote a true roll.  Tour insert features a highly resilient elastomer core for enhanced feel and a truer roll.  A thin, firm outer striking surface infused with urethane offers fine-tuned responsiveness.  New product introduction retail price:  $299.

White Hot XG 2-Ball F7 – Legendary 2-
Ball alignment combined with weighted F7 wings raises MOI an astonishing +40% higher than the original 2-Ball putter introduced in 2001 and increases stability during the stroke for better accuracy and distance control.  Multi-layer insert features a soft elastomer core for exceptional feel and a truer roll.  A thin, firm outer striking surface infused with urethane provides fine-tuned responsiveness.  Textured impact zone enhances feel and clearly defines the optimum impact area.  New product introduction retail price:  $169. 

White Hot XG Teron – Named after the Greek word for “wing,” Teron offers a Modified Hi-Def Alignment System that features two alignment stripes running on both the top-center and outer wings of the putter head that makes lining up putts easier and more accurate.  The high-density alignment wings create incredible stability for an accurate stroke path.  Multi-layer insert features a soft elastomer core for exceptional feel and a truer roll.  A thin, firm outer striking surface infused with urethane provides fine-tuned responsiveness.  New product introduction retail price:  $169.


Callaway Tour i Series Golf Ball – The most technologically advanced ball Callaway has ever developed.  Innovative four-piece inertia technology utilizes a tungsten-infused outer core to shift weight away from the center of the ball.  This reduces driver spin off the tee for maximum distance and straighter shots.  A soft thermoset urethane cover provides unmatched feel with increased short-game spin for precision around the greens.  Hex Aerodynamics, a revolutionary innovation that replaces conventional dimples, provide optimized seamless design to reduce drag and promote stable ball flight.  New product introduction retail price:  $45.99 per dozen ($11.50 per sleeve). 

Callaway HX Hot Plus Golf Ball – Callaway’s longest three-piece golf ball pushes the boundaries of speed allowed under the rules of golf.  A new high-speed core features a proprietary rubber formulation that increases ball velocity across a wide range of swing speeds.  A new speed layer between the core and ionomer cover increases ball speed for more penetrating trajectories and increased distance.  Callaway’s proprietary Hex Aerodynamics provide optimized seamless design to reduce drag and promote stable ball flight.  New product introduction retail price:  $27.99 per dozen ($7.00 per sleeve).  

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Golf Ball – A breakthrough design has yielded unparalleled performance within the soft two-piece golf ball category.  A soft yet ultra-resilient core combined with a softer ionomer cover provides remarkable distance, soft feel and stealthy control around the greens.  Callaway’s proprietary Hex Aerodynamics provide optimized seamless design to reduce drag and promote stable ball flight.  New product introduction retail price:  $23.99 per dozen ($6.00 per sleeve).Steve Ogg, VP Golf Ball Research and Development, Callaway Golf:  “The Big Bertha Diablo golf ball redefines the soft two-piece golf ball category.  With its high ball speed, low driver spin, and the lowest ball compression in the market, Big Bertha Diablo is dramatically different than any other two-piece golf ball.” 

Top-Flite D2 Golf Balls – New and improved Top-Flite D2 Golf Balls feature the proprietary DimpleinDimple™ Aerodynamic pattern that reduces drag and improves lift to maximize control and distance for a wide range of swing speeds. Available in four models: Top-Flite D2 Distance, D2 Feel, D2 Straight and D2 Diva (for women).  New product introduction retail price: $15.99 per 15-ball pack ($3.25 per sleeve).


Callaway Hyperbolic Footwear – Advanced outsole technology, super-low profile design and new Chevron Comfort spikes provide better grip, greater control and maximum power.  Insole with Shock Heel absorbs impact for long lasting comfort while Outlast™ Technology absorbs and releases excess body heat to create a pleasant and consistent micro-climate in all temperature conditions.  New product introduction retail price:  $179.99

Callaway XTT Comp Footwear – Callaway Golf’s proprietary moisture management technologies provide golfers extreme comfort while dynamic cleat technology allows the cleat to flex with every step.  Independent XTT technology works much like an automobile’s suspension system, adjusting at all times to changing surfaces and slopes.  XWT (extra width technology) gives golfers the ability to adjust and custom fit their shoes.  New product introduction retail price:  $149.99 

Ion Glove – New Ion Glove from Callaway Golf features an Ion Band around the wrist.  Premium AAA Grade Ethiopian Cabretta Leather offers superior fit and feel while Ion Ventilation provides effective aeration throughout the round. New product introduction retail price:  $24.99 

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