So… like what we've done with the place? We've talked a lot about the new site and we're finally rolling it out. SirPutts and I are very happy with the results.

We basically needed a new format to keep up with the large amount of content that we publish. We're approaching 1000 posts and our previous blog format wasn't the best way to lay it all out. We're hoping that this new format lays things out a bit better and people can find what they're after. A few things to keep in mind…

 1) The site is best viewed using FireFox or Internet Explorer 7.0. You can still access all of the data with other browsers but it just looks a bit strange. We found that the majority of our readers use these browsers so it shouldn't be a huge issue (we hope). 

 2) We have only uploaded our content from 2007. We'll start adding older content very soon and hope to have the site fully loaded in the next few weeks. 

 3) Our email address hasn't changed so you can keep writing in. 

 4) There will still be some tweaking so don't be surprised if things change a bit. There are a few things that we're just using as placeholders for now and they'll eventually be weeded out. 

 I think that's it for now. Thanks to all that have helped us get this far and here's to even more excitement in the future. Enjoy the new site! 

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