Cleveland Bloom Line, Cobra S9-1 Driver

Thanks for stopping by. The PGA Show in Orlando is fast approching and we've got some news on a few products that will make their debut. 

ImageCobra Golf is giving us a sneak peak at some upcoming products on their website… the S9-1 driver, S9-1 fairway wood, Baffler TWS and and SZ irons. The S9-1 driver gets it's name from Cobra's 9 Hot points technology. This technology has been around for a while but the company has managed to make these points even hotter. The result is the "best-looking, best-sounding and best-performing drivers Cobra has ever produced." This 460CC driver will be available in 6 models… each tuned for a different type of golfer. The company will also offer a Pro version (featuring a square face and a composite crown) for the more accomplished player. Watch for the S9-1 driver in stores starting in February. 

Cleveland Golf is set to release a new clothing line. The Cleveland Classics line will debut at the Orlando PGA Show and will hit stores in May. The line is a mix of traditional stylings and technologically advanced materials. 

Speaking of Cleveland… the company has also introduced the Bloom line for ladies. The line includes a full arrangement of HiBore Bloom woods, hybrids and irons as well as a Bloom Niblick, CG14 wedge and a VP putter. The line is rounded out but Bloom bags, accessories and clothing. Watch for the Cleveland Bloom line in mid February.

That's all for tonight. Talk to you soon! 

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