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Hey guys, I want to thank you for all the feedback and questions, you got me working overtime.  I wanted to touch on a specific e-mail that I think should help a bunch of players out there.  Thanks Mike!

"Dear Guru,
I am a weekend scratch golfer who is working on not crossing the line at the top. Any drills that will help ?


Mike D"

Note: Crossing the line at the top can lead to inconsistency and depending on where the club is pointing lead to either a push or a pull.

crossing the line push drills
Thanks for the e-mail. I don't have any pictures specifically for your problem on this site as of yet however I did come across one that does the trick.  You can see it here:

Obviously, you won't have a Path Pro Training Aid to practice this drill, however, the principle is the same.  Grab a friend and have him hold the club in an identical position.  Swing to the top of your backswing, and have your friend take a look at it's position.  If you try to look for yourself your club usually shifts slightly; which will not show you it's true position.  Whether you backswing is too long, or you cross the line, this drill will help.  With practice, the new position will begin to feel more comfortable.

Backswing path also plays a big part in the position of the club at the top of your swing. If your club is crossing the line at the top,  your swing path is another thing to take a closer look at.  A inside swing path will tend to aim to the right of your target at the top and to the left if your backswing is outside the target line.

I hope that helps.


The Golf Drill Guru

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