HiBore Monster, CG7, Srixon Z-Star

Hi everyone. We've got lots to get to over the coming days and we'll start with news from Cleveland/Srixon tonight. The company has released a couple of new products and have signed another PGA star to their roster… sort of.

ImageSrixon has released two new golf balls… the Z-Star and Z-Star X. These are Srixon's high end balls and are currently being played by some of the company's Tour players. The Z-Star offers a more balanced combination of distance, feel and spin while the Z-Star X offers a bit more in the distance and spin categories. Give them a try… they're both backed by Srixon's Money Back Guarantee.

Staying with Srixon… one player set to use the new Z-Star line is Cleveland staffer Vijay Singh. The company recently announced that they've signed the star to play their golf ball. You'll have to wait a while to see Vijay in action… he's out for at least a month with a knee injury. 

We talked a bit about the Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS driver and now it's here. Watch for three different versions of the driver when it hits shelves in the next few weeks. Swing over to the Cleveland website and also check out the new CG7 and CG7 Tour irons. It looks like Cleveland is putting together a very solid line for 2009!

That's all for tonight. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new site. Sorry to anyone that got an error message today. The site was a bit overwhelmed by traffic this morning so we're looking at ways to increase performance and speed. I'd also like to welcome readers from The Golf Drill Guru. The Guru has now officially moved to and is bringing his loyal fan base with him. Talk to you tomorrow! 

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