Double Tee Drill – Stop Topping and Hitting Thin

For players who suffer from an overly flat swing, getting solid impact below the equator of the ball is often difficult. Especially with the irons a steeper swing path into the ball is needed to produce better contact. In case you don’t understand the difference between a flat an upright swing, here is a quick rundown.

A flat swing is more horizontal or base-ball like (green and white shirt). This student has a swing that tends to lead to topped and thinned shots.

An upright swing is much more vertical to the ground (purple shirt). This swing type tends to lead to chunked and heavy shots.

To help get away from a steep swing path, give this drill a try:

Use a mid-iron and set the ball up on a tee. About two inches back of your teed ball, setup another tee as shown in the picture. Address the teed ball and try to make a normal backswing, the back should get in the way. This will force you to lift the club up more steeply off the takeaway. Once you can do this properly, go through a full swing and try to take out both tees at impact.

This drill will reinforce the important of a steeper swing path, especially with your irons, and will also encourage you to make contact with the ground at impact. Give it a try!

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