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lag drill

Creating lag in the downswing is the key to hitting the ball further. Lag is the angle created by your club and lead arm by delaying your wrist release on the downswing (the image here shows it all). I see it time and time again, students come to me and ask how they can hit further, and the answer is always the same: swing faster. If that was the end of the lesson though, I wouldn’t have too many students returning for more lessons. Swinging faster is the key to more distance, that’s a no-brainer. The important thing to realize is that creating lag in your downswing is the key to increasing your swing speed. This drill will help you increase your swing speed.

The Drill:

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To start off, grab a mid-iron and an extra range bucket. Place the range bucket on your target line so that you will nick it on your backswing (you may need put some range balls into your bucket to keep it stationary). The idea here is to hit the bucket on your backswing, and miss it on the downswing. To do this properly, you must create lag in your downswing. If you do not, or you cast the club, like so many amateurs do, you will hit the range bucket on the downswing. Hit lots of balls using this drill, and try to engrain the feeling of delaying your wrists release on the downswing. I promise you, you will see a great improvement in how far you can hit the ball.

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