Bucket Shanking Drill

Shanking cure fix drill
Time to talk about that dreaded ‘S’ word, or as we like to call it at our home club “el Hosel”. The major swing flaw that causes a shank, is very similar to what can cause a duck hook. That flaw more commonly than not is an in-to-out swing path.

This drill will help to reinforce the important of an ideal in-to-in swing path. Set up two large range buckets; place your ball just outside the middle of the two buckets, as shown in the picture. There should be just enough room for your club to swing back and miss the buckets on the backswing and follow-through. The idea here is to hit the ball, and miss the buckets entirely. If you were to shank the ball now, you would clip the buckets, giving you instant feedback of your mistake. Tom Kite uses this drill constantly even to this day, if it works for him, it can work for you.

This drill is effective because hitting the ball with either of the shank prone swing paths – out to in or in to out – is impossible… you'll hit the buckets everytime.  You'll only be able to start hitting the ball with solid contact – and missing the buckets –  if you can swing the club on the proper in to in swing path.


You can use other equipment besides range buckets if you want as well, especially if you’re afraid of wrecking them. Shoe boxes or 2×4’s work fine. Give it a try guys, I’m sure it will help out your swing.

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