Quit Shanking Drill

Tee Grip Golf Drill Tips

One of the lesser common causes of a shank, especially in the short game is a shaft position that is noticeably “laid off” at the top of the backswing. This means the club shaft is pointing well to the left of your target. This causes the swing path to be dramatically in to out, which can lead to the clubs hosel making contact with the ball first. This drill is designed to help reduce how flat your swing is, to encourage better contact at impact.

Start by grabbing your pitching wedge and stick a tee into the butt end of your grip. Take a normal balanced setup and choke down on the shaft a ways. Swing the club back to the 9 o clock position or 3/4 of the way back, and make sure the tee aims directly down at the ground below. The club should be pointing at the sky in this position.

Next, swing through like a pendulum, ensuring that in the 3 o clock position the tee again is pointing at the ground. A more upright, back and through style swing helps to promote a more solid swing path, which makes hitting a shank very difficult. Keep the swings slow, short and simple,; really focus on the feeling of the more upright swing path.

Good Luck!

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