Two-Step Rhythm Drill – Cure your Hook

Timing and rhythm are essential characteristics of all great golf swings. It creates a swing that is repeatable and dependable. Many players who suffer from a hook have problems timing the movements of there upper and lower body. This can lead to either pushed, pulled or more commonly hooked shots.

two step rhythm drill hook cure

Players suffering from reverse weight-shifts, or poor weight shifts should really work on this drill periodically. Also, for players still learning how a proper weight shift should feel, this drill will help to promote a better turn and transition, leading to more power and extra distance.

The Drill:

Start with your feet together and a ball directly in the middle of your stance. Like in the video; take your backswing while forcing yourself to step back onto your back leg. As you do this, lift your lead leg entirely off the ground (this will force your body weight onto your only remaining leg, much like it should feel in a normal backswing). On your downswing, step down with your lead foot and finish by removing your trailing foot from the ground. You are essentially rocking back and forth on one foot with the shifting of your body weight on your backswing and follow through.


Note: So you all don’t feel too bad, it took me a couple try’s to get this drill right. But once you do, it is really effective.

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