Horizontal Baseball Swing Drill – Stop Hitting it Fat

Based on the poll I recently set up, it seems slicing is the number one problem of my readers, followed closely by fat shots.  This is in interesting trend. A poor swing path can cause both of these problems.

Baseball golf swing drill
Put simply, a slice is caused by an open clubface at impact. This drill deals with a very common problem with slicers, and that is a very upright swing path. The fundamental cause of this swing fault is either standing too closely to the ball or bending over too much at address.

An upright swing path will lead to inconsistent contact, fat or heavy shots, and slices. The reason for this is simple. When your swing is too upright your arms and shoulders do not have room to turn and rotate properly to square the clubface at impact. The steep angle of attack into impact will lead to deeper divots and promote a heavy or fat shot.

The idea behind this drill is to force yourself to swing more baseball like to encourage a swing motion that is less upright. Grab a club and take a seat in a chair. Begin swinging the club baseball style throughout each motion of your swing. Really focus on the feeling of a flatter swing path.

Next, check your fundamentals to ensure you’re not hunched over or too close to the ball. Start swinging again and try to incorporate the feeling of a flatter swing into your routine.

Give it a try, and I’ll bet with practice you can learn to hit a draw!

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