Anti-Shank Drill

Anti-Shank Drill

I’ve been getting a lot of mail lately about any good cures for a shank. I hate even typing the word, but this post is to all those readers! The shank is like a virus in the fact that once you catch it, you can’t seem to get rid of it. It’s by far the most frustrating and embarrassing shot in golf.


If you swing the club on such an exaggerated out to in swing path that the neck or hosel of the club makes contact with the ball and not the clubface, you’ve hit a shank. The result is a shot that heads dead right. I’ve come across a great drill to help get rid your shank.

You’ll notice I don’t shank it here, read more, and find out why.

The Drill:

Take a look at the picture on the right. I’ve set up three tees in front of my ball a couple inches apart, and one tee back about a foot, just inside the line of the third tee. Following me so far? Okay, setup and place the clubhead behind the ball, you should have enough room on your takeaway to clear the back tee. Now your goal is to swing, miss the back tee on your downswing and hit the right-side tee. Until you can do this consistently, just keep replacing the outside tee. This will encourage you to swing on an in-to-out swing path… the opposite of what you were doing before (the main cause of your shank). Eventually, work towards hitting the middle tee only.

Give it a try, and take a pill to cure your shank!


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  1. Just so I’m clear, the photo was teaken from behind the ball and looking down the target line, correct? You should miss the back tee on take away, hit it coming down and the middle tee of the three, right?


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