Aim and Alignment

Aim and Alignment
There is a common misconception about aiming towards your target by lining your feet up to it. If you sit back and think about alignment, the clubface hits the golf ball to the target, so shouldn’t that be aligned to the target, instead of your feet? The truth is your feet should be lined up parallel to your target not at it.

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Think of standing in your setup position on a railway track, feet on one side, club head on the other. Your target is on the same side of the track as your club, but not your feet. So in actuality, your feet are always aligned to the left of your target, not directly at it.

Once your clubface and feet are aligned in the proper direction, you must be sure that your hips and shoulders are also aligned with your feet. To check that your body is properly aligned, you must set up in your address position and place a club parallel to your target line directly off your toes. Afterwards with an additional club place, it flat across your shoulders. Check to see if the shaft on the ground and the shaft across your shoulders are parallel. Once you have established this, check where your hips are aligned. If they are all parallel to each other, you are properly aimed at your target.

To Align Properly:

1) Align your clubface to your target.

2) Align your feet so they are parallel to your clubface.

3) Ensure your hips are parallel to your feet.

4) Ensure your shoulders are parallel to your feet.

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