Stance Fundamentals

Stance Fundamentals

During your tee shots or with your woods, your stance should be a little wider than shoulder width (measured by the inside of your heels). I recommend turning your lead foot towards the target slightly, while keeping your trailing foot perpendicular to the target line. By keeping your trailing foot square to your target, you are reducing hip turn. A restricted hip turn coupled with a full shoulder turn, can create resistance that leads to more power.

By turning out your front foot, you will be helping to create a fuller finish, as it makes it easier for your hips to clear through impact. As the clubs get shorter, your stance should get progressively narrower. Do not narrow your stance anymore than slightly inside shoulder width for your short irons. If your stance gets too narrow, it can lead to off balance shots and/or extra body movements because your base of support, is no longer stable.Feet balanced distribution weight

In terms of weight distribution, your weight should be distributed 50/50 between your feet for almost every type of shot. On a knockdown shot however,  your weight should be a 60/40 split leaning on your front foot… chipping, a 70/30 split to the front foot.  You may want to fiddle with your stance to best fit your personal swing and style.


Lastly, your body weight should be distributed evenly between each of your feet, this means that your body weight at address shouldn't be leaning on your toes or on your heels, however resting on the balls of your feet as the image to the right shows. Furthermore, your weight shouldn't creeping the the right or left side of your feet either.

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