Body Positioning Fundamentals

Body Position Fundamentals

Proper body position, is an essential start to a good golf swing. It creates balance and support and is the framework that a good swing is built on.


Viewed From Down the Target Line

• You should be bent over at the hips (think about sticking your butt out to get into the proper position).

• Your back is straight, and your arms are hanging naturally from your shoulders.

• Your knees should be unlocked, but not bent.

• Your body weight should be located in the center of your feet, not on your heels or your toes.

• You should be able to move quickly in either direction; this is an athletic set up.


Down the line golf image


Viewed Front On

• Your lead shoulder should be above your trailing shoulder.

• From your lead shoulder through your lead arm to the club head, there should be close to a straight line.

• Your arms should be relaxed and not tense.

• Trailing foot should always be pointing perpendicular to your target line.

• Lead foot flared out towards your target slightly.

• I prefer to push in my trailing knee, to increase my tension on the backswing; increasing my power.

Front on golf image

A great way to get into a good address position, is by using the drill shown below. Don’t miss it!

The Perfect Address Position ~ Golf Tips

perfect address positioning

What exactly is the ideal address position? The simple answer is one that gives you the best chance for success during your golf swing. This simple drill I’m about to show you will get you into the proper address position for an average body type and build. The point here is to show the easiest way for you to incorporate the fundamentals of a good address position into your routine.

Step One

Stand up dead straight as shown in the picture. Stretch the club out in front of you. Your back and arms should be dead straight, and your knees should be locked. As seen in the first picture top left.


Step Two

Bend over, by sticking your butt out until the club hits the ground. Focus on keeping your back and arms straight. This move causes the most problems with my students, they have a tendency to curve their backs. Use a mirror to double check your position. Your knees should still be locked.

PErfect spine angle address position

Step Three

The final step is to unlock your knees. Do not bend them! Unlock them only. Finally, relax the rest of your body so you are no longer tense.

perfect address position

Your final position should be one where your arms hanging straight from your shoulders. They should be loose and relaxed. Your body weight should be centered on your feet, meaning not on your heels or toes. You should be bent over at the hips, with a straight back.

If you can get into this position at address, you will have a solid base in which to perform your swing on. Give it a try!


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