Nike SQ DYMO STR8-FIT Drivers

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We talked about the new Nike SQ DYMO drivers the other day and had a lot of readers email us about the company's new STR8-FIT technology.

ImageThis technology takes driver customization to the extreme. Golfers will be able to change the face and shaft relationship up to plus/minus 2 degrees for face angle, loft and lie. Each driver head can be set in 8 different positions… from open to square to closed and spots in between. Think of it as Nike's answer to movable weight technology. 

This technology will be offered in both the SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO2 STR8-FIT models… the same head designs that we talked about the other day. The clubs will have a small hosel adapter that will allow for the customization. The club will come with a torque wrench that will alert the golfer (through sound and a small light) when the club is locked and ready to be hit. 

Watch for the SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO2 STR8-FIT drivers on April 1st. Both will come stock with Nike Golf's UST Proforce AXIV Core shaft with custom shafts available.  

Nike SQ DYMO STR8-FIT Driver

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Nike Golf Adds SQ DYMO Drivers

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