Focus Putting Drill

It’s time to take charge on the greens… by playing a little mini putt. The hole is quite a small target, but by using this drill – you’ll start to learn how to use every part of the cup to your advantage.

The next time you’re on the practice green, set up tees around the cup as shown. Start at 3 feet away from the cup, and working in a small circle start putting balls into the hole. Very soon, the tees will become irritating… and almost just as soon, you’ll begin to start aiming for specific parts of the cup to avoid the tees. Continue this drill and also try it at different distances.

focus putting drill

By looking for a specific part of the cup, you’ll focus your mind and aim on a much smaller target. If you can start hitting the spot you’re aiming for, you be a much better putter when you have nothing but grass in the way of you and the hole. Harvey Penick once said “Take Dead Aim”, this is good advice – and when it comes to the mental game is some of the best advice out there. If you focus on something small, the bigger things – like your nagging slice, the water to the left, the OB right becomes insignificant.

Use this drill often – focus on specific targets, not just on the greens but every where on the course – I promise you, you’re game will improve.


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