Tune Up Your Putting Stroke

There are two kinds of putting strokes that golfers use. The square-to-square stroke and the arcing stroke. The square-to-square putting stroke remains along your target line with the club face pointing at your target at all times. The arcing stroke is an in-to-in putting stroke and the club face fans open on the backswing and closed on the follow-through.

ImageEach stroke can be very effective, but you should know, different types of putters work best with specific stroke paths. A square-to-square putting stroke works well with face balanced putters, like most mallets – if you balance your putter on a finger and the club face is skyward, your putter is face balanced. Whereas an arcing stroke works best with non-face balanced putters like blades – the putters are toe heavy.

The next time your having problem with your stroke on the course, head over the fringe – find a straight spot if your stroke is square-to-square; a slightly curved spot if your stroke arcs. Setup, without a ball so the toe of your club presses up against the collar (as shown in the picture)… slowly make your stroke focusing on matching the line of the fringe. This should help get your stroke back on the correct path and ultimately help you make more putts.

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