Titleist Introduces 909 Series Drivers

Hi everyone. We've mentioned the Titleist 909 drivers in the past and now they're finally here. The company has officially introduced the 909 DCOMP, 909D2 and 909D3 drivers.

We won't go into great detail about these clubs because they are all up on the Titleist website but here's a quick overview…

909 DCOMP – 460CC head, composite crown. The DCOMP is has the highest MOI and largest profile of the group and is designed to create high launch with low to mid spin.  Consider this to be more on the game improvement side.

909D2 – 460CC head with mid face depth. Produces mid launch with low to mid spin. Consider this one to be the "tweener"… designed for almost everyone. 

909D3 – 440CC head with a deep face. Has a more forward center of gravity that produces more of a mid launch, low spin shot. Consider this to be the "player's" driver.

Titleist is offering some solid stock shafts in these (Titleist Matrix Ozik X Con-5 and X Con-6 in the DCOMP and Titleist Aldila Voodoo or Titleist Diamana Blue 65 in the other two drivers) and we'll see them in stores next month.

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