Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-5 Driver Review

The Callaway Fusion FT-5 has really flown under the radar so far. The compliment to the FT-i has been overshadowed by it’s square cousin but customers and readers are starting to realize that it’s the better of the two clubs. Callaway has taken their popular Fusion FT-3 and made it even better.


What The Company Says…


Most people would agree that Callaway had a pretty good driver in the FT-3. The club did pretty well in our shop and reviews were fairly positive. It was the company’s most technologically advanced driver to date yet you just kind of had a feeling that Callaway was capable of squeezing more out of their Fusion technology.


Let’s quickly review some of the technology behind the FT-5. The biggest feature here has to be the “fusion” of the carbon composite body with the titanium face. This carbon body is lighter than an all titanium one and it allows the company to free up more weight and move it around. This does a few things…


– It allows for more weight on the heel and toe… which increases MOI… which makes the club better on miss hits.


– It allows for more weight to be used in the bias customization… making the “Draw” version more of a draw bias… and vice versa.


– It allows for more weight towards the back… which lowers the center of gravity and helps optimize launch angle.


Callaway Golf also uses their VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology here. We’ll keep this one simple… it helps make the face “hotter” throughout. It should also be noted that the company has increased the overall face size to help with forgiveness.


The stock Fujikura shaft is an excellent shaft for most players and Callaway has added a “Tour” version for the better player. The Callaway custom department is one of the best in the business and their customer service is first rate. The company has also included the FT-5 in their OptiFit System… a customization option that allows golfers to try numerous shaft/head/loft combinations on demand.


What Our Readers Say…


Readers have been pretty kind to the Fusion FT-5…


I found it very forgiving and easy to hit a draw (I had a draw head). However, I lost considerable distance compared to my Titleist 905R when both were struck center and flush.


This is the best club in the current Callaway line and may be one of the best Callaway drivers that I’ve ever used.


The OptiFit System made it easy to find a good combination. The Mitsubishi Bassara works great in the FT-5!


Overall Reader Rating – 84%


What Our Customers Say…


It’s pretty safe to say that people seem to favor the FT-5 over the FT-i. The square FT-i takes MOI to the max but the more traditional FT-5 is still a very stable driver. The best way to describe the FT-5 is to call it a “tweaked” version of the previous FT-3…


– It’s longer and more forgiving than the FT-3… Callaway is able to get the most out of the VFT face. We had the odd comment that some found it shorter than other drivers but these were in the minority. The FT-5 really excels in the “maximizing miss hits” department… it’s larger face offers better performance on more of the face.


– It’s stock shaft is better than that in the FT-3… Callaway went from having one of the worst stock shafts (RCH line) to a good stock shaft (Aldila NVS in the FT-3) to a great one. It’s becoming harder to make club heads better so companies are turning some attention to stock shafts. Callaway’s Fujikura option is one of the best stock shafts on the market.


– It has more discretionary weight than the FT-3… The “Draw” draws more and the “Fade” fades more. The lower center of gravity also gets the ball up a bit easier.


The majority of customer comments have been fairly positive but we do hear a few negative ones. The “loss of distance” one comes up from time to time but I think some of it can be attributed to the FT-5’s high launch angle. The driver balloons on some people but a proper fitting should help cure this. Callaway gives golfers a ton of options… different biases, a Tour version and numerous shaft options. A properly dialed in FT-5 should give you some decent distance.


We also hear a few complaints on the loss of feel. This is something that generally comes up when dealing with composite drivers. Composite materials can dampen vibration (feel) and sometimes these drivers won’t seem as “lively” as a full titanium head. It’s a fair comment and I find “feel” players have a tendency to look elsewhere. Composite materials can also change the sound of a driver… not a huge deal to most but a deal breaker for others.


Another knock relates to price. The FT-5 is one of the most expensive drivers on the market. The driver offers a ton of technology but there are definitely some other lower priced options available that might lure away a price conscience shopper.


Overall… a solid driver that offers a lot of technology and more options than Baskin-Robbins. The FT-5 might feel different, sound different and hurt the wallet but there aren’t many better drivers on the market.


Overall Customer Rating – 86%


Overall Combined Rating – 85%

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  1. purchased a used model 13 degree draw with regular shaft goes further than any driver i have had and virtually always down the middle of the fairway so I’m well pleased with it

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