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Wedges are interesting clubs. It is hard to define what makes a good wedge, but you know it when you feel it. One California inventor thinks they have developed the next big breakthrough in high-spin wedge design. Do you agree?

The drawings above come from a patent application that published as US Pub. No. 20070254747 titled “Back Spin Wedge.” The patent application describes the invention as:

A back spin wedge to make a golf ball rolls backward after the golf ball hit the ground is provided. The back spin wedge of the current application is equipped with at least one additional blade of thickness 1/16 inch. Additional blades are attached on the front face of a base wedge. Various loft angle, such as, 48 degree, 52 degree, 64 degree are also used for the current application. The additional blade of the current application is made of, including but not limited to, poly urethane, ethylene-propylene co-polymer, silicon rubber, natural rubber, stainless steel, titanium oxide, aluminum, and carbon steel.

I am not sure we will see Butch or Dave Pelz endorsing this wedge any time soon.

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