Cobra L5V Driver, Transition-S Irons

Good evening everyone and thanks for dropping by. Cobra has introduced their Transition-S irons and has given golfers a teaser of the new L5V driver.

The 2009 Transition-S set builds on the success of the previous Transition irons. This eight-piece set "transitions" from utility irons (3-5) to hybrid irons (6,7) to wide sole irons (8-SW). The company offers sets for men, women and seniors and has already started shipping them.


The company also offers a bit of a teaser for the new L5V driver. New hosel technology will allow golfers to change the face angle from closed to square. Watch for the L5V on the Cobra website on September 22 and in stores in October. 

That's it for tonight…. short, sweet and to the point. We'll talk to you tomorrow.  

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