Putting Yips Fixes

Putting consistently and with confidence is important factor in lower your scores. Unfortunately, for most of us those qualities cannot be used to describe how we feel over the ball on the dance floor. Doubt is a better word, especially on those short ones.If you find yourself in a rut while you’re putting, or if ‘god-forbid’ you develop the yips, you need to change things up a bit to get your mind off how poorly you’re putting. This will help by increasing your confidence and thus your consistency should improve.

Head out to the putting green, and bring three balls. Putt them normally to a target about 10 feet away, then switch it up. Try putting with one hand, or try the claw.. the toe of the putter, anything to start having fun putting again. Better yet, ask one of your golfing buddies to compete against you in a circus show of putting styles. One of the best styles to emulate (for the yips especially) is left-hand low shown here. It locks your lead side of your hands which makes it very difficult to flick or flip at the ball at impact. You will notice increased stability throughout your stroke. Many professionals putt like this permanently, if you haven’t given it a try yet, go for it. It feels weird at first, but allow time for you to adjust and you should begin to see some results.

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