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Hey everyone! We're always on the look out for new and exciting technology and we've come across a pretty unique golf bag. Club Count Technologies has created a golf bag that won't let you leave a club behind.

I was always amazed at the number of stray golf clubs turned in at the golf courses that I worked at. I was even more amazed that the cheaper clubs always got turned in but the high end equipment never made it back into the shop. Golfers lose clubs on a daily basis and they often rely on the goodwill of other players to get them back. Image

We talked briefly about Club Count technology a while ago when Cleveland Golf announced that they were featuring it in one of their cart bags. It's a simple yet extremely effective idea that promises to make the lost club a thing of the past. Image

The bag looks like your typical cart bag and features a 14 way divider top. This top has built-in electric sensors that essentially keep a watchful eye on your golf clubs. These sensors determine the number of clubs in your bag at the start of the round. The bag keeps track of the number of clubs that go in and out during a round. If something doesn't add up… the bag beeps and the warning lights flash. Let's say you pull a wedge and a putter out of the bag and take them to the green. If you only return the putter to the bag, it will let you know that you've left a club behind. Losing a golf club can be an expensive proposition… the bag can pay for itself in one round. The Club Count unit runs on two AA batteries and the sensors can be turned on and off.  

We want to put this bag to the test and we're looking to recruit one of our readers to help us out. The folks at Club Count Technologies have offered to send one of our readers a golf bag to try out… and you get to keep it too! Simply sign up for our Free Email Alerts (the box is on the left side of the main page) before September 1st. We'll randomly draw one subscriber from the list and that person will receive a Club Count golf bag!

For more information, videos and pictures swing by the Club Count website .  

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