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Hi everyone.We've been talking about upcoming golf club releases this week and tonight we've got a few details from Nike. We'll also dive into the reader mail bag and see what SirPutts has been up to…

The Nike Golf picture for late 2008 and 2009 is becoming a bit clearer. The VR (Victory Red) line has been popping up around the net and the clubs have found their way into some Tour bags as well. It looks like the line will include at least 2 sets of irons, forged wedges and a couple of new drivers (one square and one traditional). 

The Nike Dymo driver rumors are also pretty interesting. Many believe Nike is preparing to launch a driver with adjustable loft, adjustable MOI and adjustable lie. The USGA website has a "Nike Dymo Tour V1" driver on their conforming driver list but the club pictured has no markings. We'll keep you updated. 

SirPutts has been busy with reader email so I thought we'd get to a few tonight…

I am a new golfer and enjoy your website. At the course, I have been driving with a used Callaway Warbird 3 wood and am thinking about adding a reasonably-priced driver to my bag.

I read your 2005 article on hidden gems in the used club bin, and was wondering if you had any updates/additions. A used driver would work just fine for me — I'd also be interested in knowing if there are any newer drivers that are being phased out by the manufacturers that might be coming up in off-season closeouts.

As far as my swing goes, I swing hard, and put my ball deep in play most of the time, but occasionally hook, slice, or top my shot.

I have three for you to check out now that will still be available at some retail locations.
The Callaway Big Bertha 454 and TaylorMade R5 have both been extremely popular drivers. In fact, SirShanks and I both play the 454 still even though it is several years old. You should still be able to find some close out deals on both of these drivers for very reasonable prices.
I would also keep an eye open for Cobra Speed Series. Not the Speed Pro, this will be the version before that. You might have trouble finding them but if you do happen to spot one in a shop somewhere it would definitely be worth a look.
Actually I will add a fourth driver to the mix, the Cleveland HiBore XL. They have had 3 versions of the HiBore driver but the XL is the only one I like. It has good feel for an odd-shaped driver and is very forgiving.
Upcoming closeouts is always a bit of a guessing game but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Callaway Hyper X and TaylorMade Burner on closeout within the next 6 months.

SirShanksAlot Adds… We'll do another one of these articles in the fall. People seemed to really enjoy the first one! 

I am in the market for a new 3 Wood.  I currently play the TaylorMade Rescue Fairway wood but it is 17 degrees and probably is more of a 4 wood than a 3 wood. I wanted to get a 15 degree wood to gain more distance.

I have narrowed the choices to the Callaway X, TaylorMade R7 Draw or the TaylorMade Burner (not sure what the difference is between the TP model and the regular model, perhaps ou can provide some info). I was hoping you give me your opinion on these clubs and if you recommend one over the others.

If you can recommend any other clubs to try, I would appreciate that as well.

I am a mid handicapper, and looking to gain distance and have the versatility off the tee and on the fairway.

You are right, your 17 degree rescue fairway is definitely closer to a four or five wood.  With a fifteen degree fairway wood you should have no problem getting more distance out of it.
Of the clubs you have listed the TaylorMade Burner has definitely been the most popular of the three and it is a very good club. I wouldn't bother with the TP option as it is over-priced and quite a bit more difficult to hit. All of the TaylorMade TP products are designed for their touring pro's and top amateur players. They are quite a bit more difficult to hit.
I would compare the Burner fairway and also the Adams A3 fairway woods and see which one you prefer. Those are two of the best options on the market right now. The other club I would recommend taking a look at is the Ping G10.

That's all for tonight… we'll talk to you soon! 


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