New Cleveland Launcher, Ping Rapture V2

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. We spent the last post talking about new products on the horizon and I thought we'd take a look at a few more clubs that will hit the market by next summer.

– Cleveland is set to launch a new Launcher wood line. Tentative launch is set for October but we might see it a bit earlier than that. The company has their sales meetings at the end of the month so expect some more information shortly thereafter.

–  The Ping Rapture V2 line is starting to show up on the internet. The USGA website has pictures of the driver but the line will expand far beyond that. These clubs haven't been on the Tour for too long so expect to see them in 2009. 

– TaylorMade has introduced their "My TP Ball" program. The program allows golfers to order TaylorMade TP golf balls with any 2 digit number. Visit the My TP Ball website for more details. Don't know what number to get? Here are a few Tour players and the stories behind their numbers…

  Retief Goosen – 1
"The number 1 because I play the number 1 brand of equipment in golf."
  Darren Clarke – 60
"It's my lowest score ever and I shot it twice, at the 1992 Monte Carlo Open and the 1999 Smurfit European Open."
  Justin Rose – 99
"My wife's lucky number is 9, so I figure that putting 99 on my ball will give me double the luck."
  Sean O'Hair – 2
"Good things seem to happen when I tee up a number 2. From now on, 2's are all I'm playing."
  Peter Hedblom – 14
"It's the number I wear when I play hockey."
  Kyle Flinton – 0
"When I got off the Hooters Tour, I had no money in my pocket. I had to borrow money from a relative to enter a local tournament. From there, I won enough to continue my professional career."
  Eric Manning – 74
"My daughter was born on July 4th."
  Jim Estes – 00
"I chose 00 because I like how it looks."
  Eric Dugas – 11
"I wore number 11 on my jersey in every sport I played growing up – basketball, baseball and soccer."
  Rick Leibovich – 00
"I wanted something different, and there's something I like about seeing 00 on my ball."
  Jeff Martin – 69
"I chose 69 because if I shoot four of them this week I think I'll win the tournament."

That's all for tonight. We'll talk to you tomorrow! 

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