MacGregor Golf Scores Big At Open

Hello everyone… it's good to be back! Mrs. ShanksAlot and I are back from out trip to the Open Championship (a.k.a. our honeymoon) and I thought I'd drop a quick post before heading to bed. 

One of the biggest stories from the 2008 Open had to be Greg Norman. Norman's fantastic play not only got him some additional airtime but it also got MacGregor Golf some much needed hype. Norman was outfitted with a full arsenal of MacGregor clubs… I guess when you own part of the company you might as well play their stuff. 

Norman used 2009 MacGregor VIP Pro irons with diamondback muscle, a MT driver, Don White wedges and a DCT Captiva Prototype putter in both the Open and Senior Open. I loved his "old school" MacGregor staff bag too.

I'd never seen Norman in person and had a chance to watch him both on the range and the course on Sunday. I knew that he kept himself in pretty good shape but didn't realize how ripped he was. His swing looked great and I found that he was one of the few players that really looked comfortable in the wind. 

It was a couple of fantastic weeks for Norman and MacGregor Golf and could be just what the company needs. 

That's all for now. I'm still fighting jet lag so I'm going to go and grab a few hours sleep. I'll be back over the weekend with more. Talk to you then!

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