Reader Email – Picking A Hybrid

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We'll dive back into the mailbag tonight with SirPuttsAlot as he helps a reader select a hybrid…

Image Just wondering what you think of the Callaway Heavenwood compared to the newer hybrids out there. I have never played a hybrid and only hit a few at demo days. Last week I started hitting my father's 3H Heavenwood and have been quite happy but am just wondering if given the current price for a 4 year old design is there better options out there or does this old design still compete with the new boys on the block.

The Heavenwood is a nice club and it was certainly a pioneer among the early hybrid designs. I think you are right, being 4 years old there are certainly some new hybrids on the market that out perform the Heavenwood and aren't too pricey themselves.
I would take a look at the Nickent 3DX or 4DX line of hybrids. Great price for one of the best all-around golf clubs on the market.
The Adams A3 line is also very solid and has been really popular over the last two years. I would also check out the Cobra Baffler line.


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