Titleist 909 Info, Cleveland Consolidation

Hi everyone. We've got additional info on the Titleist 909 driver and some news from Cleveland Golf!

We brought you some pictures of the Titleist 909 driver a few weeks ago and now a few new details are emerging. It looks like we'll see 3 versions of this driver at a retail level… 909D2 (460CC), 909D3 (440CC) and the 909DCOMP (460CC with composite construction). This new line makeup resembles recent driver lines from Cobra Golf… Titleist's sister company. Go figure. We'll keep you updated!

SRI Sports has announced their plans for the consolidation of Srixon Golf and Cleveland Golf. SRI purchased Cleveland/Never Compromise a while ago but didn't really say what they planned on doing with the companies. Srixon Sports USA will merge into Cleveland's California headquarters in September. Cleveland Golf will oversee all of the marketing, sales and distribution for the Cleveland, Srixon and Never Compromise. It looks to be a good match… Cleveland should help Srixon gain some ground in North America while SRI will really help Cleveland in Asia. 

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