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I never thought I would live to see the day that a Taylor Made driver had fins! OK, I haven’t actually seen fins on a Taylor Made driver; just drawings of a finned driver from a Taylor Made patent application.

If a finned Taylor Made driver does make it to market I am sure they will make it look cool and will overwhelm golfers with enough marketing hype that we all end up believing that we can’t live without it.

The published patent application, that may be giving us a sneak peak at future Taylor Made drivers, published last week as US Pub. No. 20080132355 titled “Golf Club Head Having Ribs.”

Check out these drawings:

Can you believe it?

The patent application describes the driver as:

A golf club head having at least one fin or rib with an external portion. For example, according to one embodiment, a wood-type golf club head includes a body that has at least one wall defining an interior cavity. The golf club head further includes at least one fin projecting from the at least one wall. The at least one fin can include an internal portion located within the interior cavity and an external portion located without the interior cavity.

Did you know…

The sound generated by a golf club is based on the rate, or frequency, at which the golf club head vibrates upon impact with the golf ball. Generally, for wood-type golf clubs (as distinguished from iron-type golf clubs), particularly those made of steel or titanium alloys, a desired frequency is generally around 3,000 Hz and preferably greater than 3,200 Hz. A frequency less than 3,000 Hz may result in negative auditory feedback and thus a golf club with an undesirable feel.

I can’t wait to see if this design makes it to market.

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