Cobra Pro CB Iron Review

Cobra is really known for their game improvement offerings but the company’s recent push on the PGA Tour has allowed them to dabble in the “player’s” category as well. The company has offered irons for the better player in the past but few of them have excited people as much as the new Pro CB irons…


What Our Advisory Team Says…


Our Advisory Team really liked the Cobra Pro CB irons. Many retailers are finding that mid handicappers have taken a liking to them as well…


Fantastic feel and a traditional look. I didn’t expect something like this from Cobra!


The club requires a good swing but also rewards a good swing.


The face is a bit small for some people.


These feel great. Golfers with double digit handicaps can look at these too.


Wow. This club does everything you ask of it with fantastic feel. The only way to improve this club would be to build just a tad more forgiveness in the head.


These get my vote for the best forged iron on the market.


Overall Advisory Team Rating – 82%


What Our Readers Say…


Our readers found these to be a solid choice for the low to mid handicapper. Some mentioned that the irons aren’t forgiving enough while others said the irons lacked in the looks department…


Overall Reader Rating – 64%


What Our Customers Say… 


These irons have done quite well so far and our customers have really enjoyed them…


Performance – These irons offer the better player above average performance. They make shot shaping easy and the ball flight is very manageable. Distance is on par with other irons in the category. Forgiveness is a bit of an issue with these. People that haven’t hit many forged “player’s” irons complain that these aren’t forgiving enough… while those more experienced with these types of irons say the Pro CB’s offer more forgiveness than many others in the category. We tend to agree with the latter.


Feel – This is a strong category for the Pro CB irons. We looked long and hard and couldn’t find anyone that disliked the soft feel of these. The Pro CB’s are buttery soft and well struck shots feel fantastic. Heel and toe shots tend to be a bit harsh though… which isn’t a real shock when you’re talking “player’s” irons. 


Value – This is another strong category for the Pro CB irons. There aren’t too many forged irons that score well in the value category but the Pro CB’s offer great bang for the buck.


Looks – Some people comment that these lack “flash” or “pop”. Forged irons typically have a more traditional, minimalist look and the Pro CB’s are no different. If you’re looking for an iron that will really stand out… don’t bother with these. Despite the lack of “flash”, the Pro CB’s offer a thin top line, minimal offset and a narrow sole.   


Innovation – These won’t blow anyone away with technological advances but they are still a solid iron. The stock Project X shafts are great and the Titleist/Cobra custom department has always been very good.


Overall… Cobra has a solid iron here. The Pro CB’s offer above average performance, great feel and decent value. Some wish that the company had spent a bit more time on aesthetics but those players that value performance over looks would be stupid not to look at these.     


Overall Customer Rating – 75%


Overall Combined Rating – 74%   

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