The Search For A $200 Set Of Clubs

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. Golf is really growing right now and it seems that everyone wants to get into the game. It's fun to have all of the best gear but unfortunately most of us are on a budget. Tonight SirPutts helps a new golfer find an inexpensive set of clubs.  

My grandfather have me an old set of golf clubs. I haven't golfed much at all but I decided to take them out with my friends a few times. My friends tell me the clubs are nice (they are Ben Hogans, and are probably contemporary with the woods which are Gary Players but old enough to be actually made of wood…) but that if I spent the money for even a generic brand set of modern clubs I'd hit more balls balls better and enjoy learning the game more. Any recommendations for a full set of clubs under $200? One of the sets I saw online (Golden Bear Power Draw) looks about right but has a draw bias — is that to correct a specific problem or are they generally easier to hit?

I understand that being new to the game you don't want too invest a bunch of money right off the bat, makes sense to me. The only problem is there just aren't many good options under $200.
One approach would be to build a set piecemeal with used equipment. You could maybe purchase a used set of irons this year (a good set could probably be had for around $150) and then next year focus on a driver and 3-wood or putter etc. This way you would be able to get yourself some better quality clubs but they would be used and you would have to do some bargain hunting.
The other option is a package set like the Golden Bear's that you found. This approach is nice because you will get everything you need right off the bat and will have a brand new set of clubs to show off. The quality won't be as high but then again, if you decide you really like the game and you start playing more you will probably want to upgrade in a couple of years anyway.
One set I found that I think is a really good deal is the Adams Classics set. You can find them here.

I know this is a bit more than you were looking to spend but it does come complete with everything including a SW, putter, and bag. It also includes the Adams Tight Lies fairway woods which is one of the best fairway woods every made. All-in-all it is a pretty good deal on a good quality club that should last you a long time.
The Golden Bear Power Draw set is designed to be very forgiving but it is also designed to really promote a draw (a right to left curve for a right handed golfer). If you hit a big slice or push a lot of balls to the right this set will really help you. Otherwise it might do more harm than good.

Keep the emails coming! Feel free to drop us a line with all of your golf questions! Have another suggestion for a set under $200? Leave your comments below! 


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