Putting Alignment Drill

You will often see professionals rotate their marked ball on the green after cleaning it. Ever wonder what they are doing? The answer is simple: helping their alignment. Golf balls all come with a logo or straight line of text along it nowadays to help with alignment. To use it properly follow these three steps.

1)Stand behind your line of putt and get a feel for the break.

2)From this position rotate your ball so the logo is in line with your intended line of putt. Make sure your ball is marked during this step, otherwise you will be penalized for moving your ball.

3)Address the ball and align the line on your putter to the logo on your ball. You’re all set.

The best way to practice this move and incorporate it into your putting routine is to use the line on range balls and putt to a close target (3-5 feet) on your practice green. Take your time moving through your entire routine, not only will you learn to use this simple yet valuable tool in every putt you make, but you’ll find those knee-knocking short putts a lot simpler. It’s a win-win, so give it a try!

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