10 Hilarious Responses to ‘Who’s Leaving in an Ambulance?’

Discover the comical scenarios users anticipate when handed a golf club in this Reddit thread.

Imagine being handed a golf club and thinking, ‘Who’s leaving in an ambulance?’ It’s all fun and games until someone hits a stinger, or worse, a bystander! Let’s dive into the hilarious scenarios users envisioned in this Reddit thread. Buckle up for a wild ride!


  • Stinger shots and wayward balls take center stage in the discussion.
  • Left-handed players feel oddly safe due to their natural slice.
  • Participants humorously nominate innocent bystanders as potential victims.

Bystander or Bust

One user imagines a dramatic scene where a chick in a sundress falls victim to a stinger shot, sparking amusement among fellow commenters.

Tree Troubles

Another user jokes about hitting a tree, only to have the ball rebound and hit them on the head, showcasing the unpredictable nature of golf.

Lefty Laughs

A left-handed player shares a hilarious perspective, explaining how their slice ensures everyone’s safety, with a touch of self-deprecating humor.

Photo Finish

A comical nomination is made for the person tasked with taking a picture, indicating just how unpredictable a golf swing can be.

The Reddit thread unfolds with a delightful blend of humor and camaraderie as users share their quirky golf-related anecdotes. From near-misses and self-deprecating humor to funny nominations of unsuspecting bystanders, the conversation captures the essence of the unpredictable and amusing world of golf. So next time you tee off, remember to watch out for flying balls and wayward swings, or you might just end up being the star of someone’s Reddit post!