1 Year Into Golfing: The Adventures of a Tournament Newbie

One year in the golfing journey, entering a tournament, and the daunting challenges faced on the course.

AdlandB shares the trials and triumphs of entering a golf tournament after a year in the sport.


  • Facing challenges and water hazards head-on.
  • Encouragement from fellow redditors on tournament experience.
  • Compliments on swing improvements and course dynamics.

Challenges and Triumphs on the Fairways

AdlandB recounts the rollercoaster day filled with ups and downs, including multiple encounters with the water hazards. Despite the challenges, the experience of playing a tournament is highlighted as crucial for game testing and improvement.

Golf Community Support

Reddit users like PavinsMustache and GolfNutOM cheer AdlandB on, underscoring the importance of tournament play and continuous effort in honing golf skills.

Swing Analysis and Course Critique

ShawnSimoes praises AdlandB’s swing progress while critiquing the course design. Others like Smash_Factor offer constructive feedback on driving techniques and iron play, projecting a positive future ahead for the newbie tournament player.

AdlandB receives accolades for his short game skills from WhereIsBigHead, among other Reddit golfers.

Overall, the journey of a rookie golfer navigating tournament waters showcases the camaraderie and constructive feedback prevalent in the golf community, fostering growth and encouragement among players of all skill levels.