Vokey TVD Wedges, Alias Golf Shoes

Hey everyone. It’s been a long day so I thought I’d put it in easy mode tonight and answer some email. We get lots and lots of reader email and SirPutts does his very best to reply to each one. Every now and again I pull a few out and post them for all to see. Let’s get to it!

Will we see the Vokey TVD wedges in stores this year?

The TVD wedges are out on Tour right now but there has been no official word on their retail release. Titleist is holding back on these while the USGA considers regulating groove design. They don’t want to get into one of those “let’s release them and then hope that the new regulations fall our way” situations so don’t expect to see these in the near future. We’ll keep you updated!

There were some new Alias shoes in your Orlando photos. Which ones are those?

Oops… I thought I made mention of those in one of my Orlando posts. The black ones are the Chevelle and the brown ones are the Limo. They aren’t up on the Alias website yet but expect to see them in the spring. If you’re after a casual and comfortable golf shoe you might want to have a look at these!

If Wilson sold some of their Japanese equipment here in North America do you think they could gain market share?

Simple answer… yes. I talked a bit about this last year after hitting the Nc6 irons. Wilson has some pretty cool equipment in Asia… stuff that could bring some real excitement to the line. I think most people know old school Wilson… the company with the traditional blades and clean looks. People liked the idea of bringing the “Wilson Staff” line back but it was almost too traditional and lacked buzz. The company has some more technologically advanced pieces in their Asian line and I think some of these items would do well in North America and would really get people talking. Many people that I talk to agree that Wilson is getting left in the dust when it comes to new equipment. Traditional designs are getting pushed aside in today’s market and companies like Wilson need to adapt or get out of the way. Keep the traditional clubs… they’re your bread and butter. Just add a few new pieces and get more people talking!

What are your thoughts on the Cleveland HiBore XL?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the HiBore XL is the best driver that no one talks about. It is an improvement over the 2006 version and I haven’t talked to too many people that haven’t liked it. The HiBore XL would be front and center in any other year but it’s getting lost in the square driver circus. I really like the stock shafts offered in the HiBore XL and Cleveland has an awesome selection of upgrades as well. We’ll do a full review of this club in the coming months!

Speaking of which… the new site is under construction right now and we hope to have it rolling towards the middle of March. We’ll start our golf club reviews shortly after that. We’re finalizing our review template and really hope that we can provide some of the best reviews out there. We’ll keep you updated as the new site draws closer. In the meantime… keep those emails coming! Talk to you tomorrow!

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