Whing Golf – The New Revolution

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It’s not very often you come across a re-birth of a game that you love, that you’d really want to play.  Usually the original is by far superior. I came across this new take on golf that I thought looks like a blast, and could pique my interest for a day on the course without clubs to switch things up (putter aside). So what is Whing Golf? Well.. It’s really golf, without the clubs, all you need is a “whinger”, a ball and a putter to play any normal course near you. Here’s a video to see how you tee-off:

How do you play? Simple, you ‘throw’ the ball from the tee and fairway using your whinger – a custom made golf ball thrower. This piece of equipment has been custom-made for golf balls and can help you throw the ball up to 180 yards. Hopefully, this version of the game is easier on your wrists, however something tells me it’s harder on your rotator cuffs. When you finally get close to the green, you can toss the ball on the green, and once there you can putt the ball to finish the hole (sorry yippers). The whinger make its incredibly easy to toss the ball accurately and straight as side spin is difficult to apply. Check out there website for more information or to get Whing Golf at your club.  Cool stuff!


  1. Reynesca B

    This must be cool but I haven’t tried it even once. Maybe sometimes later. 🙂

  2. Alex

    This is a very interesting version of golf . Never even heard of it . I bet the old school golfers hate it because they are very traditional when it comes to how the game is played and are resistant to trying new things. Very interesting posy mate.

  3. Scott Cole

    If you can knock the crap out of a ball with a driver, why on earth settle for game where you can only “whing” it 180 yards? Pretty silly concept.

    1. Kirk

      Scott, I cannot see out of both eyes, so hitting a golf ball is painfully frustrating. I then have a tough time tracking the ball. I end up preferring to ride along and keep score, it’s that bad.
      This actually interests me as I am in control of the ball, and can follow it while I throw it.
      This and a putter makes it trivial to walk a course, which I prefer.
      So, it may just breathe some life into the many courses that are seeing a decline in new members…

  4. Emilia

    I think it would have been interesting to also get golfers who use cross-hand and claw as the putting stroke and have put the practice using those strokes. Do the test with them and see how the number play out when they switch to the other methods of gripping the putter.

  5. Tyler

    I love golf and “Whing Golf” is certainly something I would love to try. It looks like a great bit of fun but I do think it would take better at a specialist course much like miniature golf or “crazy golf”.

  6. Glen Bonham

    A very different approach to golf that is for sure!
    I know a few players who would like one of these half way through a round haha.

    Good stress reliever I am tipping.

  7. Dennis McNish

    Well Scott, there are scores of people who CAN’T whack a ball 275 yards but like the idea of being able to enjoy the golf experience. The game dovetails well into regular play so it probably won’t interfere with your purist game. Besides it probably won’t be played at Augusta, Pebble Beach or St Andrews where elite players such as yourself play.

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