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Unusual Golf Rules

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Hey everyone – thanks for stopping by.  With our last post up around the struggles of the game as of late, we received something in the inbox that align very well.  We received an infographic regarding how much of a stickler this game is for rules.  Sure, the game was always know as a ‘gentlemen’s’ game, but maybe it’s time to take the stick out of our butt, and make the game fun again for beginners.  Have a look at some of the many rules, which penalize players, really for no reason whatsoever than to be difficult. The highlight? In just over 100 years, we went from a 338 word document of golf rules to 10,000+.  Enjoy!

Golf Rules Infographic



  1. Glen Bonham

    I completely agree. Sometimes we need to not rely so heavily on the rulebook and use some common sense. Especially when you are with beginners. If we remain sticklers for every rule, then it will turn a lot of people off the game entirely. Golf should be enjoyed by players not to frustrate them to the point where they would rather do something else with their time.

  2. Dean Walker

    Very good post and have to say, I agree.

    We saw a very good example earlier in the year at the US Open when Dustin Johnson grounded his putter and the ball moved a mm on the green. He was penalised but thankfully it didnt cost him.

    This rule is just ridiculous.

    Why can’t we just have some common sense and be allowed to replace the ball with no penalty and carry on.

    I love this game but some aspects need to be modified, especially the rules aspect.


  3. Jennifer

    Great post! Some of these rules are definitely a bit odd and can cause issues whether you are a beginner or a professional level player. If every one of these rules were truly followed, there would be fewer people actually playing the game.

  4. Nissan Christophe

    Most of your weekend golfers don’t follow the USGA rules to the letter. If you hit a ball out of bounds, you aren’t returning to the tee box to hit another.

    Golf has always been considered a “gentleman’s game” because of etiquette, not rules. Etiquette is golf is gone! Today: loud music from carts, excessive drinking on the course (no more 19th hole), cargo shorts and sleeveless shirts, never fix ball marks on the green, cell phones, loud talking, and general misbehavior.

    1. Mike Lancaster

      I couldn’t agree more. I was drawn to the game because of the challenge and meeting new people at the course. It is imperative that new players are drawn to the game but respect for the rules and observing dress codes are a thing of the past. Times and society may change but observing this great games traditions are the foundation of it’s future.

  5. Michael Scarn

    Shut the fuck up Mike. No one wants to hear about how many gay prostitutes you meet on the golf course at night to role play with your golf clubs. And OF COURSE you’re into fashion, but no one cares. Little bitch.

  6. Rick Henrisson

    Mr. Scarn. Nice “mouth”. You are exactly the type of person that no one wants to be paired with.

  7. Iain

    Funny, I once had my golf blown by wind on the green which ended up closer to the hole, I had an argument over the decision. Once clarified we moved on with our round. There are some many rules that can be interpreted differently and can cause stupid arguments, its always good if applicable to obtain a ruling from an official. Nice post, thanks

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