TaylorMade M1 Driver

TaylorMade’s M1 Driver

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Master Golf 2018

Hey everyone, say hello to TaylorMade’s newest driver, one they’ve actually been sitting on at headquarters, as its been a little while since TaylorMade released a driver.  This new model marks a departure from the R series… and replaces it with an M. The M stands for multi-material construction, and this new driver features some pretty cool, ultra-thin-light carbon composite on the crown, which is when combined with a weighted-sole plate lowers the clubs centre of gravity significantly. This new crown allowed TaylorMade to move an extra 25 grams to the sole for added players adjustability and flexibility to customize their ball flight.

The driver features two T-Tracks – one to control ball shape either left or right, and another to help control launch conditions and spin off the face.  In addition, golfers also get the added ability to tweak the hosel settings to effect loft. An incredible amount of customizable control any golfer would love to have.

With all this said one does have to wonder how long major companies are going to tout the ‘increased clubspeed’, ‘lowered centre of gravity’, ‘reduced spin’,  ‘customizability’ angles. It would be nice to see something truly unique on the marketplace these days. Regardless, this club does look pretty awesome, and will be worth a swing next season.

Master Golf 2018

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