Reseting your Putting Fundamentals

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Having troubles on the dance floor? It’s time to check your putting fundamentals once again. It’s a sad but true fact that approximately 90% of all putting faults occur because of poor fundamentals. So the next time you’re fed up with your putter – instead of going out to buy a new one, learn to implement proper putting fundamentals.
The …

The SW Chipping Mentality

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The mentality that the sand wedge is the one and only club to chip with is a common mistake among amateur golfers. I see many players use their sand wedge to chip from everywhere – anything from a shot over a tree to a tight pin, to a back pin from a tight fringe lie. Don’t get me …

Stroke Saving Chipping Drill

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Poor chippers setup with their weight on their back foot and make a flippy, wristy stroke at the ball. Good chippers on the other hand, know that solid contact is of the utmost importance when it comes to chipping. This drill really helps with contact.
The next time you’re out practicing your chipping – setup with your body weight resting on …

Flagstick Putting Setup Drill

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Putting is the most personalized part of the golf game; it is all about individuality, feel and confidence. That being said, putting styles differ quite a lot from player to player, especially on tour. Because of this, there are many things about putting that are not worth teaching. Take the putting grip for example – when it comes to putting, …

The Bunker Board Drill

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How many of you struggle getting out of the sand consistently? How often do you actually manage to get up and down from the sand? Bunkers are usually considered hazards you want to avoid, but with a little practice and confidence, you can play from bunkers like you can chip around the greens.

HELP! I'm pulling my putts!

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A reader's e-mail:
I am a seven handicapper with a long game of a much better player but what is holding me back is my putting. All my putts are off center, and are very often pulled. I am told this by playing mates and can also feel it in my hands. So could you recommend some …

Top 5 Putting Mistakes

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Every single shot in golf is equal.  Whether it's a 300 yard drive, or 1 foot putt, on a scorecard, both shots are equal.  Time and time again though, I see players whacking driver after driver out on the range, completely neglecting the putting green in their practice sessions.  Your putter is intended to be used for half of your …

The Do's and Don'ts of Chipping

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A solid short game can save you over 10 shots a round… that turns your measly 85 into a round that hovers around par. All this takes is solid fundamentals, feel and good imagination. To get to this point however, takes a lot of creative practice in every situation, with every club you could possibly think of. So, before you …

3-Step Drill to Cure The Yips

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The putting yips are all golfer worst nightmare. Studies show that golfer who suffer from the yips can add about 6 strokes to your score.  Players of all levels have suffered from the yips, from amateurs to PGA professionals.  I have suffered them myself, and the tips below helped me get through them.