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Understanding Center of Gravity In Club Design

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You likely read it in just about every new club design description going back twenty years, but what does ‘center of gravity’ exactly mean? And how does it affect your golf game? Well, in a nutshell, center of gravity is important for your trajectory, spin and for keeping off-center shots on line, and on target. In this post we’ll dive …

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Top 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50

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“Age” is not a disease. Too many golfers over 50 just accept that their golf game is going to get worse, their drives are going to get wimpy, and their eventually going to have to settle for hitting 5 woods for all of their approach shots……….hooey, garbage, not true!
We have a saying in physical therapy, “AGE IS NOT A DISEASE.” …

The Back-Knee Sway Power Leak

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A weak back knee triggers one of the most common power-leaks in the golf swing. We often see this fault in individuals who, in their search for a bigger turn, have flared out their back foot. Without a stable back knee, as you swing back, your body weight can shift too far towards your back foot, this move will …

The Backswing Sequence

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Learning the proper sequencing of the backswing takes time and plenty of practice. Many players, in attempts to combat a slice, revert to a swing that use very little body, and lots of arms. These types of swings are characterized by a complete lack of weight shift, poor contact, and a suffer dramatic power loss. If you …

A Lesson in Accuracy

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Accuracy is a characteristic we all are looking to have in our games, especially with the shorter irons. Apart from some fundamental keys, like solid balance, there is one particular swing trait all accurate golfers seem to have adopted. On their downswing they get their shaft in line with their lead arm.
If you can emulate this technique in …

Get Compact For Control

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It’s always been a major battle, distance vs. control… the players that have some degree of both dominate the tour. In most cases however, the long ball hitters lack the control and consistency of the shorter hitters. Lately we have been seeing a different trend, which allows for players to hit the ball a mile, while having a …

The One-Piece Takeaway

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There are several characteristics that are paramount in contributing to the success and efficiency of a golf swing. After solid fundamentals, a good place to start is the one-piece takeaway.

At address, your arms and shoulders should make a slightly tilted triangle. This tilt is caused by a slight leaning of your spine angle away from the target at address, …

What’s First? Club Fitting or Golf Instruction?

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If you’re thinking of getting into golf, or simply wanted to get back into the game after a hiatus, chances are you’re in the hunt for new clubs. You’re starting fresh, so your clubs should be new as well. But before you go down the road of club shopping, fitting and lessons, let me explain a little more about …

Impact & the Golf Swing

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Impact is the moment of truth in a golf swing. If your impact position resembles the picture at right for your irons, you’re already a very solid player. This position is the key to power and consistency, and you can see it among all the best players in the world. As unique as every professionals swing is, …