Forget the Hole Short Game Drill

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When it comes down to it, the hole is only four and a quarter inches wide. Considering the average par 4 is about 390 yards or 14,400 inches long, getting it into the hole in four shots is quite the feat, especially into such a small target. One thing I like to stress when teaching golf, is for my students …

How to Make More Short Putts

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How many of you dread those short, should-be tap-ins? Those three footers that make you get butterflies in your stomach? The ones that you say to yourself, “if you miss, you’ll look like a moron”. We have all been through it, and we have all missed a putt within two feet, so don’t feel too bad.

The Truth about Your Brain And Golf

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The brain is a very powerful and influential tool in the game of golf. It has hindered us and helped us on the links for centuries. We have studied it endlessly and still know so little… Here are some of the thing we know about golf and the brain.

The Truth About Distance

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To help generate additional club head speed and greater distance, the key is to retain your release angle. The release angle is the angle created by your left arm and the shaft on the downswing (lag). Put simply, the more acute this angle is and the longer it is maintained into impact, the further the golf ball will travel.