The American Hypocrisy

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By the time most of you read this the story will probably be old news but it is something I feel that I must get off my chest. It is on the topic of Paul Casey's comments about the United States and Tom Lehman.

Putter Evolution – The Changing Shapes Of A Simple Art

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Straight back, straight through. Get the ball on line with the right speed and it goes in the hole. Simple enough right? Then why do so many people struggle with the putter? The answer is simple. Putting is overlooked. Do you know any golfer who practices their putting more than their long game? I don't, myself included.

Heavy Metal Is Out – Why Graphite Is Right For You

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When SirShanksAlot invited me to write a golf column for his website I jumped at the chance. Why you ask? Because this finally gives me an opportunity and a forum to vent about something that's been bothering me for a long, long time. After many years working in and around the golf business I can't count how many times I've …