Strong Companies Part II – More Rambling

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For those of you who read the Rant two weeks ago about how some strong golf club manufacturers are hurting the industry, this one will serve as kind of a follow-up. In SirShanksAlot News and Rumors the other day he mentioned that TaylorMade Golf was planning on releasing another driver this spring.

Getting Your Golf Clubs Fitted – Is It Really Necessary?

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Launch monitors, lie boards, shaft labs, tape measures are among the many different tools now being used to fit golfers. Anytime you walk into a pro shop or search a manufacturers corporate website it is impossible to avoid seeing or hearing about getting your golf clubs fitted. There is no doubt that fitting is the new buzzword in the industry …

The American Hypocrisy

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By the time most of you read this the story will probably be old news but it is something I feel that I must get off my chest. It is on the topic of Paul Casey's comments about the United States and Tom Lehman.

Heavy Metal Is Out – Why Graphite Is Right For You

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When SirShanksAlot invited me to write a golf column for his website I jumped at the chance. Why you ask? Because this finally gives me an opportunity and a forum to vent about something that's been bothering me for a long, long time. After many years working in and around the golf business I can't count how many times I've …