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Stick A Fork In Her – She’s Done

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What has become of our beloved game? Interest in golf is still declining nationally, golf courses are suffering, golf stores are closing their doors and even some national retailers like TaylorMade are consolidating and selling parts of the company brand. What gives? In just a few years time, the game has gone even further into the whole despite our best …

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Technology Advancement In Today’s Game

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Back in 1998, the best technological advancement in golf was EA Sports’ Tiger Woods video game series. Fortunately for those non-gamers among us, the game has moved on considerably since then. We now have robotic trolleys, lightweight clubs, laser & GPS rangefinders and indoor virtual driving ranges. But how much has technology changed the game we love and what is …

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A Quick 18 With Short Par 4

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We recently had the chance to sit down with Bobby Dimeo that founder of Short Par 4, a company that wants to be your personal style caddie. In a nutshell, Short Par 4 will keeping you styling on the links with custom selected high-end clothing that they send to your door on a subscription basis. They work with some of the …

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Now Here’s Something to Get Behind

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Kickstarter has become a bankroll for some pretty cool projects lately – video games, 3D printers and even movies. It’s amazing to see the amount of money certain projects have raised and the types of ideas people have. But I’ll be honest.. I’m not a real “technological wizard”. The idea of putting money into a new video game about hobbits …

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An ‘Interview’ With Rory

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Hey everyone, thanks for stoping by, today we’re sharing with you a recent “interview” with the Ro-Mac (Rory McIlroy) and the Woz-Nak (his missus, who demanded we interview her too). It was a strange interview. So strange, in fact, that we thought we’d transcribe the entire interview here:
SS: SirShanksalot is delighted to have the opportunity to interview Rory McIlroy …

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All I Want For Christmas – The Golfer’s Dream List

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Good evening everyone! I figured I’d put my last few hours on earth to use (if you believe the doomsday folks) and expand my Christmas list a bit. Apparently, according to my wife and parents, I’m “difficult” to buy for. I’m pretty much set when it comes to golf stuff… the combination of my years of working in a golf …

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Jesper Parnevik – Gangnam Style

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Ever wonder what Jesper Parnevik is up to these days? Well good news… we found him.  Looks like he and a cast of PGA Tour players had some spare time and came up with this gem of a video. May I present to you… “Parnevik Gangnam Style”  featuring cameos by Dustin Johnson, Richard Johnson,Will MacKenzie, Fredrik Jacobson and Marc Turnesa. …