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Master Golf 2018

Hey everyone, we’ve got a little bit of Cobra gossip to share with you tonight.  Looks like the new line of woods/hybrids likely for 2013 will have the name Cobra AMP Cell – the new driver will be incredibly adjustable, offering 4 different lofts (3 degree range), and two draw settings for the basic model.  The Tour version is said to also offer some fade bias settings. This adjustable head has got to be some sort of Cobra genius to offer such flexibility, and we’re guessing it may be trademarked with one of either the two names Cobra recently applied for — Smartpad or the more likely MyFly. We’re also expecting some fairway woods and hybrids with the same sort of adjustability.  These new clubs will also offering customizable coloured face plates to change the color/look. Looking forward to seeing this new line! That’s all for now – talk to you soon.

Master Golf 2018

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