Yes, That's a TaylorMade Hockey Stick

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Source: CCM RBZ Hockey Stick « Hockey World Blog:

SirShanksAlot Comments:  TaylorMade is diversifying!  The RBZ line-up has just expanded into hockey sticks.  Gabriel Landeskog of the Colorado Avalanche was recently spotted playing the new CCM RBZ hockey stick, which was “powered by TaylorMade”.  It appears CCM worked with TaylorMade engineers to create a hockey stick that touts “Insane Velocity”.  The RBZ golf line-up lived up to its claims, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see interest in this new stick.

TaylorMAde hockey stick


Taylormade ccm hockey stick Taylormade golf rbz hockey stick


Master Golf 2018


  1. Nate S

    Looks like a perfect putter for the Happy Gilmore type! I’m surprised they didn’t think of this in the ’90s.

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