Chair Drill For Spine Stability & Blocks

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Thousands of junior golfers can relate to this problem – in attempts to gain more distance, they all move their hips so forcefully into impact that they cannot maintain their spine angle. The result is often a block / push. Maintaining your spine angle throughout your swing is the key to unlocking your consistency. This simple drill using a chair is a great way to improve your consistency.






Erratic ball flights, poor contact, lack of distance – and often blocked or pushed shots.


The Drill:

This drill is probably one of the best to help stabilize your spine angle and greatly increase your consistency. Keeping your spine angle constant throughout the swing is imperative to having a repeatable, dependable swing. Use this drill often, it will really help.

On the range, get in your setup position and have a friend place a chair against your back pockets as shown in the video. At the top of your backswing, make sure your right pocket is in contact with the chair. If its not, than your spine angle has changed – either from standing up or your body weight shifting around. Furthermore, from this position make sure you’re not putting any additional pressure on the chair than at address, as this would mean you’re leaning back on your backswing.

On the downswing, focus on the transition of chair contact from your right pocket to your left. It is very common for a player to lift up at impact, this results in an in to out swing path, leading to a pushed golf shot. If you can keep your butt in contact with the chair throughout the swing you can be sure you’re spine angle is stable and you will see an improvement in your consistency.

Give it a try!

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  1. Peter

    Nice drill. Looking forward to giving it a try in the summer. Thanks for all the great tips.

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